Ryan – Hailing from East Palestine, Ohio

Teddy – Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama

Simon – Hailing from Pensacola, Florida

Twee – Hailing from Somewhereville, Oklahoma


7 Responses to “Contributors”

  1. Paul Harris Says:

    hey guys, any chance you can seek the artist’s approval before posting up their hard work for free? I’m sure you’re very popular amongst your readers but don’t you think it’s a bit off to give away music when people are trying to make an hoinest living from it? Come on, we all know that people NEVER delete the music they download ‘after 24 hours’… We ALL know that.

    Glad to see you’re music fans, though – time to start respecting those who make the music, too.


    Paul Harris.

    1. Ryan Says:

      I really don’t think you understand how this works. If an artist was only listened to by people who bought their music, then their fanbase would be severely limited. That’s why most independent bands we post are perfectly fine with us uploading their music. And when it comes to big famous bands that are signed by big record labels, there is virtually no way that we can get ahold of them to ask if it’s ok if we post their music. And a lot of bands that are signed to larger record labels get most of their money from live shows, anyway, with the record company making the most profit from album sales. I respect musicians that I like a lot, and I think it’s a tad ridiculous to assume that we don’t respect them just because we share their music. I personally can’t afford to buy every album that I enjoy. And there are plenty of bands I’d never have heard of had it not been for filesharing. And believe me, if a band I like ever does a live show around where I live, I will be there to support them by attending a show. I still buy albums, but mostly ones that I really love, and not every album I like. By sharing music, we help build bands’ fanbases, which basically DOES increase album sales, and definitely increases attendance to shows.

    2. Teddy Says:

      We are all very passionate about the music we post here. We truly love the art these musicians produce. We all respect these musicians to the up-most extent. As Ryan has stated it’s not always possible to contact the artists we post. However, I have contacted some of the smaller, indie musicians. I would like to direct you to the myspace page of Big Dogs and Watercolor Paintings.

      Big Dogs has gone so far to quote us in their “Sounds Like” section. Watercolor Paintings included a link to our previous blog which had a link to download their album for free. These artists understand that our goal here is to not cheat them out of money, but rather spread their art to more people (which we have done). Through this sharing I believe they will make more money.

      We also understand that these artist do try to make a living from their music. Have we really deprived them of any money? Would our readers have bought this album if we didn’t post it? I have found that downloading has led me to buy much more music than I ever have. I, myself, have become much more involved in the local scene here, and I wouldn’t know a lot of it had it not been for downloading. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if downloading wasn’t around. I wouldn’t have had these amazing experiences if it weren’t for downloading.

      I have questioned if what we are doing here is ethically correct and I truly believe the answer is yes. My own personal goal is to spread music to people so they may support these artists and perhaps experience some joy in their lives. I want people to love music and become passionate about it, so much so they will seek out live shows featuring these bands or maybe buy a t-shirt.

      I realize this is a long response but I hope you see where I’m coming from. If you feel though that we are trying to cheat artists (some, mind you, who have given their permission for their music to be posted here) from money then please report us to WordPress. I can’t stop you, but I can say that it will make me and many other people be very sad.
      Hope we can see eye to eye at some point,

  2. RJ! Says:

    oh hey

    so i was wondering

    do you accept demos? or like submissions?

    or something

    i make music

    i like putting it on as many blogs as possible

    because i’m a marketing whore

    um, i guess that’s all really

    (note: i have no album out yet, but the album i’m working on is probably going to be out in the summer or something depending on when i finish with all the production(it’s self produced/mastered/recorded, real diy stuff) and an ep will be out for free before then, digitally, so the question isn’t moot! because i noticed you only post albums)

    1. Teddy Says:

      yah, we do! send everything you got to me via (preferred) or if you need my email i can post it. just get it to me (teddy) somehow; i’ll be the first person to listen to it and chances are i’ll like it more than others on this blog will. if i think it will fit here i’ll post it! woo

  3. The Panduhs Says:

    Hey, Teddy! We recently discovered your blog post on The Panduhs, and wanted to thank you for that. We really appreciate being mentioned on such a lovely blog!

    1. Teddy Says:

      wow, thanks! i love that ep so much. your songs are so catchy.

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