Teddy doesn’t seem to want to keep posting, Simon and Twee haven’t posted in awhile, and for some strange reason, mediafire hasn’t worked for me for at least 3 weeks (I keep getting upload errors).

I’m thinking this is the end of HtBSR.  Sad to see it come to an end, but all good things must eventually stop.  Glad that we’ve had some followers, and I’m happy to know you enjoyed the music we shared.  If you want to contact us, you can click the “Contributors” link in the sidebar and contact us via last.fm.  If you ever want me to recommend you an album, I gladly will.

Thanks for supporting us through our short run.  I won’t say goodbye, though.  It sounds too sad.  Instead, I’ll say Bon Voyage.

Bon Voyage.


Sorry, not back to post new music (maybe later this month). Just wanted to inform you all I have a new blog that has to do with pizza:

Super Pie Me

Basically, I’m attempting to eat at least one slice of pizza everyday this month all from “local” places. You can follow me on my journey there.

So here’s the story, I like uploading albums for friends, but I HATE uploading them on here. It gets old really fast. If you email me (or leave your email in a comment) at wecanhavefunforever@gmail.com I’ll send you whatever album I just uploaded for a friend. And maybe this way we can become friends and then I’ll be uploading this album for you!

In case you were wondering, this basically means I’ll stop posting here maybe forever. I’m really sick of uploading to WordPress, and I basically listen to the same bands over and over now-a-days.

I really hope some people will e-mail me back and forth. I would like to get to the point where I could send out blank CDs to addresses across the country periodically and become pen pals or something like that.

I hope to talk to you all soon,


P.S. This doesn’t mean the blog is ending; Ryan still posts here a bit, and maybe we could get new contributors (that we select).

If you’re in the Birmingham, AL area you should come out to my first real show this Saturday night. I’m playing with some great bands. Plus this poster took me months to make.

If you ever download an album from Mediafire in which the file is corrupt, make sure you leave a comment so one of us can fix the link and re-upload it as soon as possible.


Vote (once a day)

As a seventeen year old who loves music, all-ages, DIY shows are very important to me. They are the only chances I will get to see indie/punk music. Here in Birmingham we have two DIY places. They are both fairly active, but I cannot see a show every night like I could at the 18+ places. I also feel like a community builds around these all-ages shows; take Seattle for example, there are loads of community art centers and houses that have people who care constantly about everyone having fun 24/7. I don’t feel like we have that here in Birmingham. Regardless, the All-Ages Movement Project wants to spread the ideas of an all-ages, DIY ethic. This is a great cause I truly believe in, and I hope you will/do too. You can find more info about the movement on their site or in this video. Now they are up for running in a competition against other big-name organizations in a running for $50,000 to promote progressive ideas. The competition is held by Pepsi, and look at it this way, you can take a corporation’s money and use it for good! Click on the link to the image or below to vote for this movement once a day. This is a big deal for communities and underage kids, and it’s a chance to do some good so please vote!

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