One of my absolute favorite bands ever. Started by 16 now 22 year old Kevin Steinhauser. These are some old albums now currently not available for download anywhere and all out of print. Chances are these will never see the light of the day for the rest of time (I don’t think Kevin likes them too much). These albums range from electronic pop-punk to acoustic indie-pop/folk; I’ll mark whichever genre it is, albums will be in band pictures, and some of these might be in MP4. Otherwise, enjoy.

The Lost Levels

Instrumental, Electronic, 8-bit-ish

Math the Band and the Secret of Mystery Island

Electronic, Indie-Pop (includes both electronic and acoustic work) (MP4)

Greatest Hits

Electronic (MP4, no tags, sorry)

Tour De Friends EP

Electronic, Synth-Punk







I honestly hope no one mistakenly downloads this thinking it’s going to be a Christmas album; they will be in for a very large shock. I say that because The Emotron is self-described “vulgar synth-punk”, and my god that couldn’t be truer. If there was an album that needed a “Parental Advisory” sticker it’s this one. The Emotron is a one-man-band that plays some of the catchiest synth/pop-punk I’ve ever heard. It’s in the same vein as Atom and his Package but with more of a punk kick, which is a very good thing. In fact some of the best songs on the album have a more hardcore feel to them. With that said there’s a lot of variety here, one track is a Bright Eyes inspired/mocking and another is a country western ho-down with all synthy goodness in between. However, some would say The Emotron is a bad man, a bad, bad man. It’s strange to listen to the creator of the tron, Kyle Knight discuss music and such in interviews; he sounds like a regular dude making music. When Knight takes on The Emotron’s persona it’s as if he becomes a fun loving yet pissed off anti-hero who on the one hand rails against bullies but on the other “hopes you get cancer when you listen to The Cure”. I’m not sure if I should love The Emotron for who he is or be afraid to even go near him.

So let’s review:

-some of the best pop-punk and synth-punk ever

-going to offend at least one person who downloads

-you should download this album because it’s amazing

P.S. If I haven’t done enough to convince you how vulgar The Emotron can be, recently in live shows he’s stripped down covered in flour and fake blood while shitting out chocolate syrup he put up his ass and trying to piss in his mouth. This is all before he sets his dick on fire. You have been warned.

the emotron pic



A couple of years ago the influential synth-punk band, Atom and his Package, called it quits. After Atom’s reign of DIY punk meets the Yamaha sequencer, tons of synth-pop-punk bands showed up on the radar. Now a days we have bands like Matt and Kim, Math the Band, and The Emotron carrying out the legacy of Atom. The Emotron plays a more intense version of Atom’s synth-punk. He doesn’t totally lean to the punk side, but he’s more one-sided than Atom. With that said, the cheesy Yamaha sequencer lines are here (he uses the same sequencer Atom used), and the general goofiness is too. Also, The Emotron goes for shock value in his lyrics, and well, you’ll see what I mean when you listen. And about his live shows, they consist of stripping, shouting, and setting a private male part on fire that should not be set on fire. You can make your own of that. I’m also not going to lie, some people are going to really dislike this guy, others will think he’s the best thing around. One thing is for sure, he’s the most Atom-like guy out right now.




Eight cover songs done by everyone’s favorite spazz-punk-electro-energy-8bit-band. Covers include: AC/DC, Third Eye Blind, Atom and his Package, Ace of Bass, The Aquabats!, Zelda theme, Converge, and Blink 182. With way too many beats per minute and high-pitched vocals this EP will make you have fun with songs you shouldn’t be having fun with.