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This is a split I did under the name We Can Have Fun with my friend Kevin from Fung Wah Bus?. My side is reminiscent of They Might Be Giants and the Moldy Peaches. Kevin’s side reminds me a lot Bright Eyes and Elliott Smith. We both recorded these songs in our bedroom. I hope you enjoy it.




Awesome upbeat indie-pop that has high energy with sorta downer lyrics. Or maybe I’m wrong.

P.S. I don’t post much here anymore. I don’t really like doing write-ups. They all seem like I’m re-stating myself, and I can’t really express how I feel about the album. Oh well.


A really warm, up-beat bunch of live recordings chock full of harmonies and happiness. Girl Band are some ladies from other bands in California all in this one band. They rely on their voices a good bit, sometimes even doing acapella songs. This album is really good, you’ll like it.

I’m going to start taking the sounds like from Myspaces.

Sounds Like: pillow fight hair braiding harmonies

iji Myspace

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Here’s a split from two of the finest bands around. Ten perfect pop songs. I’ve already said so much about each band, so I don’t think there would be any point in my diving in further.


One of my absolute favorite bands ever. Started by 16 now 22 year old Kevin Steinhauser. These are some old albums now currently not available for download anywhere and all out of print. Chances are these will never see the light of the day for the rest of time (I don’t think Kevin likes them too much). These albums range from electronic pop-punk to acoustic indie-pop/folk; I’ll mark whichever genre it is, albums will be in band pictures, and some of these might be in MP4. Otherwise, enjoy.

The Lost Levels

Instrumental, Electronic, 8-bit-ish

Math the Band and the Secret of Mystery Island

Electronic, Indie-Pop (includes both electronic and acoustic work) (MP4)

Greatest Hits

Electronic (MP4, no tags, sorry)

Tour De Friends EP

Electronic, Synth-Punk






I’ve been listening to this album a lot over the past two weeks or so.  VERY good.  The combination of her piano and singing (and the fact that I’m a total sucker for a woman singing in French) is heavenly.  Really easy to just sit down and enjoy, whether you speak French or not (I don’t, and I love it).  She’s a great singer and her songs flow really well.  Definitely worth a try.



I think at this point in my life twee-pop is my favorite genre. I love everything about it, and I try to listen to a lot of it. So when Jacob Borshard stuck out from the rest of the bunch I knew I found a special artist. Borshard plays the ukulele with literally perfect pop melodies and hooks. I’m not kidding, the man makes the transition from C major to C minor sound so good. The songs are a blend of up-beat, happy tunes with heartfelt lyrics about love. It’s never goofy or anything like that, just super sweet. This album is also home-recorded, yet it sounds much better than most studio work. So for the love of your ears, download this.

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