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Maritime is one of my personal favorite bands.  It pains me how overlooked they seem to be.  From the acoustic ballads of Glass Floor to the bass-driven rock songs of their latest album “Heresy and the Hotel Choir”, they remain consistent in the overall high quality of their music.  Glass Floor is their first album, and uses mostly acoustic guitar in comparison to the deeper electric guitar sound they use on their later albums.

Since the band has a rich history, I figured I’d share some with you, just as a little “The More You Know”:  The lead singer/guitar player of Maritime is also the singer/guitar player for the famous and influential emo band “caP’n Jazz”.  The drummer, Dan Didier, is from another one of Davey’s bands, “The Dismemberment Plan”, and the bassist, Eric Axelson, is from the Post-Punk/Math Rock band “The Dismemberment Plan” who’s album “!” I posted awhile back.  I recently read that the members of Maritime announced in April that they are changing labels, and they’re expected to debut on their new label with a new album this fall.  Here’s hoping that they do, and that it’s just as enjoyable as their past 3 albums.