From, “Fung Wah Bus took its name from a transportation system devised to make it easier for business owners to take money from the vulnerable elderly population. It is widely believed that the name was copied for the sake of irony.
Fung Wah Bus is generally placed under the genre of “folk.” However, they also identify as “Folk-punk,” “Indie,” and many other categories of the like. The group began as a project between William Pratt, (primary songwriter, vocals, guitar, banjo, ukelele, harmonica.) Kevin O’Donnell, (guitar, vocals, ukelele, harmonica, banjo, bass. ) and Connor Griffin (vocals, guitar, banjo, ukulele, harmonica.). It then grew to include Shannon Pajer, (accordian, piano, melodica, vocals, tambourine, glockenspiel, special attention on long lonesome nights) and later took Jason Rule as their percussionist. Scott Bevins, trumpet player extraordinaire, makes them sound good. Also at live shows there is the aid of Aftyn Jane on the jug, Andy Dawson with the washboard and Mike Hein playing his gun.
Fung Wah Bus is known for playing impromptu shows at unexpected locations, for less than five people. However, they have been known to occasionally frequent such venues as The Webster Underground in Hartford CT.
After recording several EP’s and making them publicly available on the internet, Fung Wah Bus has at last recorded their long-awaited full length album, Thicker Than Fiddlers In Hell. It was created over the course of several months at an infamous location known as “The Stew-dio.”

This is a beautifully crafted folk album. Expect this band to blow up, maybe when all of the members are, you know, out of high school.