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As a seventeen year old who loves music, all-ages, DIY shows are very important to me. They are the only chances I will get to see indie/punk music. Here in Birmingham we have two DIY places. They are both fairly active, but I cannot see a show every night like I could at the 18+ places. I also feel like a community builds around these all-ages shows; take Seattle for example, there are loads of community art centers and houses that have people who care constantly about everyone having fun 24/7. I don’t feel like we have that here in Birmingham. Regardless, the All-Ages Movement Project wants to spread the ideas of an all-ages, DIY ethic. This is a great cause I truly believe in, and I hope you will/do too. You can find more info about the movement on their site or in this video. Now they are up for running in a competition against other big-name organizations in a running for $50,000 to promote progressive ideas. The competition is held by Pepsi, and look at it this way, you can take a corporation’s money and use it for good! Click on the link to the image or below to vote for this movement once a day. This is a big deal for communities and underage kids, and it’s a chance to do some good so please vote!