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First off, I’d like to apologize that this upload is in m4a format at 256kbps.  But, it IS a leak, so that’s to be expected.  This album differs greatly from his first album, which was primarily acoustic songs with just him and his guitar.  “Shadow of an Empire” is all about electric guitars, drums, bluesy-sounding riffs, but the same old folksy songwriting.  Great album.  I suggest you pick it up if you’ve heard his first album.  As with the Midlake leak, I’ll re-upload and repost this when the album is officially released, with a better format and bitrate.

EDIT: The download link has been removed by request of Fionn’s label.  If you click the album art, you’re going to be taken to his myspace where you can listen to some of the new singles.  It really is a fantastic album, and I suggest you buy it as soon as it comes out.  Sorry for the inconvenience to anyone who didn’t get a chance to download.