There was a point in my life where I would basically listen to nothing but They Might Be Giants. They were the first band that really got me into music and the cultures that surround it. Now, I still listen to them a bit but nowhere near as much as I used to. However, they are going to be playing here in Birmingham on March 4th, and when I heard that I knew I had to re-download some of my favorite albums by them. The Else came out 3 years ago and it is a venture into a more darker portion of their work. For awhile I thought they were softening up with the kid’s stuff but this album is pretty dark. Of course the darkness is hidden behind the up-beat, poppy melodies that are too catchy to be true. Also, The Dust Brothers (Fight Club OST, Beck’s Guero) produced this album, and it definitely shows with the general lay-out of the songs. In short, this album is a darker TMBG behind poppy melodies and great instrumentation that tackles many different genres. You will like it.