“Insanity” is the first word that pops in my head when I listen to w<-1 because everything about the project is literally insane. I don’t mean insane like, “Dude I can’t believe you chugged that soda, that was insane”, I mean peoples’ faces being slowly ripped to pieces by a claw machine insane; this album really should come with a “warning” label. Essentially, w<-1 is different samples from music, videos, movies, etc. mixed with music and noise made by them. Some parts are laugh out loud funny with sample vs. music/noise choice, other parts are legitimately frightening. The thing about each song though is that it’s not pure noise, it’s structured and put together well. The samples flow really nicely and do not overstay their welcome. It’s also obvious the creators enjoyed making this album, and I enjoy listening to it. Hopefully you will too.