“I’ve been pimping out this homely little release from Birmingham group P.S. Eliot for the last six months, and I’m not done yet. Made up of three chicks – and one dude on guitar – this band is guaranteed to charm your pants off (literally?). Making cinnamon-sweet, deceptively-innocent lo-fi pop-punk, this four-piece has been making significant waves, especially considering the barren wasteland that is Alabama, and I can only hope they continue to do so.” -from our very own Twee on his own blog.

Despite me living in Birmingham I’ve never seen this band (every time I’ve planned to see them something comes up). I think I’ll get my chance on the 14th of this month. Anyways, they are definitely one of my favorite local bands and I hope they go on to much success. And despite Twee’s jabs at my state, Alabama is not a total barren wasteland thanks to awesome bands like this that seem to encompass a little southern sound. That’s really all I can add on to Twee’s write-up; I’ve noticed every local band from here from the metal to folk-punk seem to have a little southern/Birmingham influence in them and I think that’s great.