For those not in the know, Mike Doughty was once the leader of alternative funk super group Soul Coughing. Doughty busted out absurd rhymes behind a thumping bass while samples belted out. Soul Coughing broke up and Doughty disappeared for a few years most likely due to drug use. A few years later he returned clean onto the scene, and came out with a singer-songwriter acoustic album and has basically done that and adult-alternative rock since. His solo career, unlike Soul Coughing, is up and down with the critics; some absolutely love him while others think he’s washed up. However, this album will change everyone’s minds. Doughty takes everything good about Soul Coughing and his acoustic singer-songwriter years and morphs it into an amazing album. That’s right I’m talking about the rapping, sarcastic and absurd lyrics, and funk that came from Soul Coughing, and the catchiness, melody, and soul that came from his singer-songwriter years. This album mixes all of those into thirteen just plain awesome songs. I promise you when you listen to this you will like at least one song.

P.S. when he overlays his vocals I actually cry tears of joy. True story.