I’m back from vacation, let’s get back to the daily routine.

Cave Babies is DIY mastermind Josh “Hoshwa” Redman (see 5432 Fun!! and sbdiy) armed with a chord organ, a little added percussion, and a whole lot of soul. And green, lots of green, in fact every song on this album has green in the title. A deeper meaning? Probably. Josh is good at music. He plays baritone ukulele and sometimes sings with his sister Rebecca in their band Watercolor Paintings, but that band is done primarily by his sister and most of the songs are upbeat and fun. Josh has a more longing feeling of desiring someone else, or feeling out of place. It’s very different than Watercolor Paintings as their is an obvious despair in Cave Babies’s music. It’s very Daniel Johnston-esque. In short, this album leaks emotion, and you should download it!