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First and foremost, I’d like to apologize for not having posted anything in the past week or so.  I used my Christmas money to buy some video games (Dragon Age: Origins, Borderlands, Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, and Chrono Trigger DS, for anyone who’s interested) and add those to the fantastic gift of an HDTV I received, and you can see why I have been completely absorbed in my PS3 and DS.  Starting today, I go back to regular posting, and the living of my life without always being in front of a screen.

This is Menomena’s first (and in my opinion, best) album.  They use pretty much every instrument under the sun, and each song sounds drastically different from the previous one.  They’re definitely one of my favorite bands, and you can bet that when their new album drops in the second quarter of the year, I’ll be posting it day one.