Welcome to a new year and decade! I speak for everyone here when I say that this year will probably be full of more music memories than ever before. Whether it be new albums, bands, or shows it’s bound to be a good time to remember. Let’s start the new year with a great album. Weird Weather is a Canadian folk band that should be popular, in fact when I found them I was entirely surprised to see that they didn’t have thousands of fans. Take all of your Pitchfork acoustic bearded-faced acoustic acts such as Bon Iver then make them a thousand times better and you have Weird Weather. They are also perfect for winter weather. Imagine you went out with a friend you haven’t hung out with in awhile. It’s freezing outside and you both need a good spot to stop and talk. You go to a coffee house and get hot chocolate then sit and re-connect. Then you get a warm feeling inside your stomach. I get that warm feeling when I listen to Weird Weather, especially when the beautiful harmonies and tones of the variety of instruments kick in. It’s a good feeling in my gut and I hope you get that feeling too.