“The old proverb warns us not to judge a book by its cover. The artwork on the CD label alone is enough to warn of doom and gloom ahead. With cryptic song titles printed in an eerily scrawled font, there appears to be a number of dark places this album could go. Is it your garden variety morbid death metal? Will there be lots of screaming and depictions of bleeding fetuses? The fears are threatening and numerous. But as soon as the opening track rolls in, all concerns are quelled as quickly as they came. Lush, melodic layers of guitar and piano subdue wary ears. As if to second the feeling, one-man show Justin Curfman chimes in, singing fills my mind … with relief. Exactly. Here lies a noble attempt at traditional gothic beauty. With an obvious nod to bands like The Cure, Curfman s mournful cries echo in the distance, veiled in a gauze of reverb. Swirling around him is a variety of minimalist accompaniment, ranging from guitar and piano to electronic beats. Standout track Fireflies Make Us Sick might as well have been written by Depeche Mode themselves… …gives us that dim, melancholy feeling our inner ’80s teenager desires. – Babble & Beat Magazine … Wound In Wall is a very addictive album… – Bat-Cave (Poland) … if you fancy turning (The Cure’s) Seventeen Seconds, Pornography and Faith into a quartet, look no further than Wound In Wall. – Evil Sponge –Southeast Perfomer Music Magazine” – from Amazon.