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The final album from the late Logan Whitehurst. After suffering from brain cancer for three years and leaving his indie-rock band “The Velvet Teen”, Logan returned to his nerd-rock project “The Junior Science Club”. Very Tiny Songs was his returning album that he worked on for a few months. I’ll let you read Logan’s description of the album:

Q: What is the Very Tiny Songs Project?

A: The Very Tiny Songs Project is just what it seems. During this project, I produced very tiny songs based on suggestions to me that I received via enail, telephony, private conversation, telegraphy, or other communication over the week from May 28th to June 06th, 2006. The songs are posted on this page in the order in which they were produced. That order is based on the order in which the suggestions were received.

Q: Are these songs any good?

A: You be the judge of that. I did these all spontaneously, quickly, crappily, and cheaply. First takes, mistakes, bad notes, and poor musicianship were all allowed. These are song ideas–sketches. Had to get my practice in.” –Read more reasons.

Unfortunately, this would be Logan’s last work. Doctors found cancer in Logan’s brain again yet again in the later half of summer ’06. This time doctors informed him that he would not make it, and he only had a few months left. Logan had finished all of the songs before the cancer was found again, but he had not finished the artwork-which is a huge reason to buy the album, by the way. Every single song has a very tiny drawing that comes in a booklet with lyrics and who suggested the song over each drawing (Notable suggestors: Dr. Demento, Neil Cicireiga). Logan did a good majority of these illustrations while fading away in the hospital. He passed away on December 3, 2006, a sad day for multiple bands and countless fans.

As for the music, if you like up-beat synth-pop-y albums you’ll like this. If you like fun, good-natured albums that make you smile or laugh you’ll love this. Like he said, most of these songs are sketches, but most (read: all) sound much better than some well-produced bands. I love this album so much; it’s made with pure creativity, love, and heart in mind. I hope Logan brings as much joy to you with this recording as he has to me and my friends. I know this isn’t a Christmas album, but I feel like this is a good enough gift. Download it, buy it, love it.