Welcome to How To Be So Real’s Holiday Extravaganza-palooza!  For the next twenty-five days straight we will have a different holiday album, as well as our usual good stuff! I’m not gonna lie, most of these are going to be Christmas albums, but there might be a song or two about your other favorite holiday. Let’s get started!

Julian Koster should not be an unfamiliar name to anyone. The leader of experimental indie-pop group The Music Tapes and a member of the legendary Neutral Milk Hotel, Koster is a man of many instruments and styles, but this album is classic Julian. Koster is primarily known for his saw playing in the many different bands he’s featured in, and he should be well known for playing it, he’s beyond good. This album is a collection of classic Christmas songs performed by Julian and his saw. For those not in the know the singing saw is a hauntingly beautiful instrument, perhaps best suited for Halloween. However, Koster is such a master he takes what could be a spooky instrument and turns it into a warm, charming delight. A must have for the holidays, and for fans of the Elephant Six.