“The album wasn’t well-received upon release, in part due to the delays in its release, but also because of the drastic change in style from its predecessor. Rather than the more rock-oriented approach of the debut, Breakfast with Girls saw Matt Mahaffey focusing more on the more experimental sides of his music. The change confused many fans, and the critical response wasn’t much better. Most critics generally agreed that it was sonicly impressive, but many also accused him of spending too much time on production and not enough on the songwriting.

Despite the lukewarm reception, many of the band’s fans now consider Breakfast with Girls to be Self’s masterpiece, citing its quirky songwriting and diversity as reasons. It contains a wide variety of styles ranging from industrial, funk, and hip-hop to blues, jazz, and orchestral pop. The album also contains a few slightly more conventional pop/rock songs.” – from Wikipedia

Fuck the critics, the song-writing on this is great. It’s a diverse, well-crafted album. Recommended for those of you who like Soul Coughing, Cake, or The Magnetic Fields.