I Monster is my personal favorite electronic band. Even though you hear their song ‘Daydream in Blue’ just about everywhere in advertisement campaigns, the rest of their discography is pretty much ignored. Sadly, most of the discography is even better than Daydream in Blue. I am posting all three of their studio albums.

Hard copies no longer available.

These Are Our Children is their first studio album. It went through a limited hard copy release and then was discontinued. The hard copies are now pretty rare, and the band decided to release the album for free in digital format a while back. I believe this is the weakest of the three albums, but a great debut nonetheless.



Neveroddoreven is their second album. It includes their most popular version of Daydream In Blue (a rougher version of the song is on their debut, These Are Our Children), and is their most popular album. This is a great album from start to finish, and probably most distinctly represents their sound. I believe Neveroddoreven is probably the best starting point for the band, and is their strongest album overall.



A Dense Swarm of Ancient Stars is their most recent album, release in early 2009. This album takes a much more poppy approach while still retaining their original electronic sound. Many of the tracks also include a very jazz-y female singer. I asked the band what her name was, and they responded only with ‘Philly’. Also a very strong album and a nice change of sound.