“paul is a guy from michigan. he is friends with matty pop chart and erin tobey. spoon boy brought home a live demo and played it for me and i loved it. i wrote paul and asked him to send me a demo and a “bio” as a joke. he stayed up that night and recorded 14 songs and mailed them to me the next day. i liked them so much i wanted to release it. so here it is. 14 songs, recorded in 1 night with a guitar and paul. that’s all there is. nothing but passionate, honest songs. this album will destroy you, if you’re a human. bella says that watching paul play live feels like you are sneaking a peek at something you shouldn’t. it’s too personal. he is so intimate and pure and burning on fire.” -from Plan-It-X

Beautiful, emotional music. Definitely someone I want to see live before I die.

P.S. This album is .m4a in 128 kbps, sorry.