“12 songs.
Intelligent acoustic pop songs, with special guests, Madeline, Hannah Jones, Matty pop chart, Chris Clavin, Erin Tobey and more. Spoonboy is also in a really great band called The Max Levine Ensemble that he started when he was in high school in the DC area. The songs of Spoonboy and TMLE share the same catchy melodies and sharp lyrics as well as the ability to make you tap your feet and sing along. This is the kind of album that won’t leave your CD player for the first week you have it.
ISSUES TACKLED: Conversation, being stuck, burning up.
OVERALL MOSHPIT: Parking lot, vans, geetar and side stepping” -from Plan-It-X

Download this if you like: folk-punk, awesome pop, vocals like Atom and His Package cause Spoonboy sounds exactly like Adam, music. You will not regret this download at all.