A band I regret not seeing. Moral of the story: don’t get really tired and sleep through shows.

“Collectively, The Spinto Band has a grand talent for constructing a pop tune. Their songs have a rich and complex sound that calls to mind The Flaming Lips, which is most prevalent on “Straight to Helmet.” Above and beyond your typical indie cheese-rock, these guys can really throw it down.

Nice and Nicely Done faces me with one problem; I can’t decide on which is my favorite song. When the high-pitched mandolins layered over a wailing theramin kicks in on “Oh Mandy,” that song is my favorite. However, the lyrics of “Brown Boxes” tell a story about the difficulties of a breakup when a couple lives together makes that one favorite as well. Even the untitled bonus track is a keeper. It catches a soft part of my heart as it is all about playing Atari. Hey, they’re young; let them sing about video games, there’s plenty of time for them to put out a mopey, introspective album.” – Kaffeine Buzz