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If you’ve ever listened to high energy 8-bit electronic one-man-band-with-two-people-in-it Math the Band, you know that off-key vocals as well as too many beats per minute are common, which is why this album is so far-out from normal, but in a good way. Blending the synth-pop techniques that makes Math the Band so great, Kevin Steinhauser, band leader, created this indie-pop/folk masterpiece. Spanning 26 songs, each starting with a letter of the alphabet following the order, the album delivers in pure beauty. Also utilizing acoustic guitars, banjos, baritone ukuleles, horns, random percussion, synths, and many other instruments, Steinhauser truly is a one-man band that is capable of blowing minds.  I guarantee there is at least one song in here that you will enjoy. In all honesty, if you are going to download one album from this blog make it this one. I can only continue to recommend this to fans of music in general.

P.S. I don’t feel like my write-up does this album justice. Curse my inability to describe music well! Take a listen to the preview to get a true feel.