It’s actually pretty funny how I came upon this album. A few years ago, back in the days I used Pandora rather than, I would hear the song ‘Now I Know You Could Never Be the One’ from this album, constantly. Since I was usually playing fullscreen computer games, I was never able to identify the song, even though I liked it quite a bit. A mere few months ago, I stumbled upon this album in a share thread and listened to it. I was totally blown away when the track I had constantly heard years before had come on.

But anyway, onto the album itself. Too many shoegaze and dreampop bands try to emulate My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins, so when a band tries something different, it’s a definite breath of fresh air. While The Meeting Places use relatively clean (and male) vocals and somewhat upbeat guitar segments, it still has that air of gloom that most shoegaze acts tend to bring along with them. It blends the elements of alternative rock and dreampop flawlessly, and it is just a great album.