the emotron pic



A couple of years ago the influential synth-punk band, Atom and his Package, called it quits. After Atom’s reign of DIY punk meets the Yamaha sequencer, tons of synth-pop-punk bands showed up on the radar. Now a days we have bands like Matt and Kim, Math the Band, and The Emotron carrying out the legacy of Atom. The Emotron plays a more intense version of Atom’s synth-punk. He doesn’t totally lean to the punk side, but he’s more one-sided than Atom. With that said, the cheesy Yamaha sequencer lines are here (he uses the same sequencer Atom used), and the general goofiness is too. Also, The Emotron goes for shock value in his lyrics, and well, you’ll see what I mean when you listen. And about his live shows, they consist of stripping, shouting, and setting a private male part on fire that should not be set on fire. You can make your own of that. I’m also not going to lie, some people are going to really dislike this guy, others will think he’s the best thing around. One thing is for sure, he’s the most Atom-like guy out right now.