Harvey Danger - Dead Sea Scrolls



For my first post on this blog, I was going to share an album that I really, really loved. Something I could call a personal favorite. But then I realized that this album, despite being released so recently, is already exactly that. Harvey Danger is a band that you may regard as a one-hit wonder, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Since their inception over 15 years ago, they’ve released three excellent studio albums that were progressively more thoughtful and mature, and are concluding with this 2009 release of b-sides, covers, live tracks, and studio demos. And even though this record was sold only at their final few shows (yes, they just broke up), it’s still something that can stand firmly on its own as an album, and as a testament to how much more attention this band should have received. Listen to this, and don’t be surprised if you happen to fall in love with Harvey Danger.