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“Armiestime! Armies is slightly concept-driven, especially compared to Riding With Hitler. All of the songs are from 2006 and 2007, and Several of them were recorded in a Skypesque Army of j2s-manner (in which several singing j2-layers collide with each other). Also featured on this album are songs from Look (an unfinished 2006 album), Davefest 2007 demos, and b-sides from the recording of the 12/07 sampler! It’s so great, you guys – why don’t you start listening to it right now?!” -from Ultramint. Great lo-fi They Might Be Giants-esque synth-pop done by a teen during those awkward ages of 14-16 years old. A true definition of a “bedroom recording”. Recommended for fans of Lemon Demon or Logan Whitehurst.