That is not the cover art, rather a beautiful illustration someone did for her.



She’s playing in Birmingham on October 19th. You should go.

It’s annoying how the text does this, and I don’t know how to fix it. Anyone help? Regardless, here’s a great write-up:

“The Way To Bitter Lake is a blissful blend of Iron & Wine, Vashti Bunyan, Will Oldham, Cat Power, Edith Frost. Hushed vocals over lilting old timey folk, gorgeous and timeless melodies, spare arrangements, but so deftly arranged as to be more powerful than almost any of her contemporaries… this is an absolute gem. Pastoral, and haunting, soft and shimmery, suffused with warm summer sunlight, a rambling record if there ever was one. Cool afternoon, bare feet, tall grass, clouds drifting lazily by, soft breezes, the smell of earth and leaves, wandering through a fuzzy folk dream. Absolutely gorgeous. ” – Aquarius Records, San Francisco