“Three years in the making, Blanket Truth finally has a full length album! Released on cassette and compact disc, the music contained on the two formats are completely different recordings, with an exclusive track on each. The CD is a full band, digital 8-track recording by Tory Fiterre of Cartoon Monster and the tape is a solo, boombox recording. Exclusive artwork can be found on both formats, both designed by Stacey Hamilton ( All the best tracks from the inception of the band have been re-recorded and a bunch of brand new pop-infused baritone ukulele folk songs make up this 30 minute album. This is the ‘good stuff’.

First pressing of 500 CDs with full color artwork and 8 page, stapled booklet. Album mastered by Stereophonic, this is truly legit.” Taken from Lost Sound Tapes. Some really good pop gems here. Just a fun album.