There are some things in music that make people say aloud, “WHAT?” And for some people They Might Be Giant’s making children music was that moment of, “HUH?” But really if you think about it TMBG making kid’s music isn’t that weird. Their melodies are so ripe and good anyone could get into them, and bandleaders Linnell and Flansburgh have a knack for interesting subject matter that could cross-over to children (as long as you don’t go searching for a meaning, English-major style). Of course the melodies and matter meet here in this wonderful EP. I think it’s the best thing TMBG has done this decade besides their latest adult album “The Else”, and it’s by far the best kid’s project They have done. The first song, “Impossible”, is beautiful in that “don’t stop dreaming” lyrical way, but thumping in a synth-pop way. The closer, “Bed, Bed, Bed, Bed, Bed”, has its vocals done by Moldy Peaches leader Kimya Dawson. She works perfectly for a soothing lullaby. If you want something fresh and enjoyable I HIGHLY recommend this EP. You may be surprised how much kid’s music you actually like.

P.S. The book that this CD actually accompanies (not the other way around) is gorgeous. If you like this then the book is a perfect fit. The artwork was done by Marcel Dzama, who did the art to Beck’s “Guero” as well as the photographs for TMBG’s “The Else”. Seriously, pick it up.