Hey there. My name is Teddy, and I like music. I used to run Geroni Listening, but I got tired of it (it’s very amateurish and was more of an experiment). I live in Birmingham, AL, as seen in the header above. If you live in B’ham leave a comment and we can talk about our wonderful city and it’s sometimes-up-to-par scene. I hope this blog and it’s eventual many contributors will go places and do wonderful things. Now onto the music…

Atlas Sound is skinny man Bradford Cox and Bradford Cox only. This is his first true solo album, though he has released hundreds upon hundreds of songs in his lifetime. Let The Blind is a look into Cox’s mind and stories. It’s very cold and distant as compared to his newer album Logos. Cox said when he wrote Let The Blind he took riffs and looped them, and improvised a lot of the vocal parts and harmonies. The result is a very effective blend of not-over-the-top shoegaze and lush pop. Highly recommended.