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This is a split I did under the name We Can Have Fun with my friend Kevin from Fung Wah Bus?. My side is reminiscent of They Might Be Giants and the Moldy Peaches. Kevin’s side reminds me a lot Bright Eyes and Elliott Smith. We both recorded these songs in our bedroom. I hope you enjoy it.

Teddy doesn’t seem to want to keep posting, Simon and Twee haven’t posted in awhile, and for some strange reason, mediafire hasn’t worked for me for at least 3 weeks (I keep getting upload errors).

I’m thinking this is the end of HtBSR.  Sad to see it come to an end, but all good things must eventually stop.  Glad that we’ve had some followers, and I’m happy to know you enjoyed the music we shared.  If you want to contact us, you can click the “Contributors” link in the sidebar and contact us via  If you ever want me to recommend you an album, I gladly will.

Thanks for supporting us through our short run.  I won’t say goodbye, though.  It sounds too sad.  Instead, I’ll say Bon Voyage.

Bon Voyage.

Sorry, not back to post new music (maybe later this month). Just wanted to inform you all I have a new blog that has to do with pizza:

Super Pie Me

Basically, I’m attempting to eat at least one slice of pizza everyday this month all from “local” places. You can follow me on my journey there.

So here’s the story, I like uploading albums for friends, but I HATE uploading them on here. It gets old really fast. If you email me (or leave your email in a comment) at I’ll send you whatever album I just uploaded for a friend. And maybe this way we can become friends and then I’ll be uploading this album for you!

In case you were wondering, this basically means I’ll stop posting here maybe forever. I’m really sick of uploading to WordPress, and I basically listen to the same bands over and over now-a-days.

I really hope some people will e-mail me back and forth. I would like to get to the point where I could send out blank CDs to addresses across the country periodically and become pen pals or something like that.

I hope to talk to you all soon,


P.S. This doesn’t mean the blog is ending; Ryan still posts here a bit, and maybe we could get new contributors (that we select).



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Pure angsty 80’s pop.  That’s what this album is.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It’s one of my favorites, in fact.  Give it a try.  And I’m probably gonna be seeing them in Detroit this August.  Can’t wait for that.  Sorry for taking so long with this post.  Something was up with WordPress and I couldn’t upload any pictures for some reason.



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One of my favorite albums to listen to for the past few days.  Very catchy and quirky.  Sparks is one of the defining pop bands of the 70’s, and I feel rather stupid for just now discovering them.  Don’t make my mistake.  Download this and listen today.  You won’t be disappointed.



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Beck’s regular style of music and lyricism was replaced for a more simpler one with this album.  The lyrics are sadder, the music is more melancholy, and that’s what I like about it.  Sea Change is definitely my favorite Beck album (of the ones I’ve listened to so far) and it’s a nice album to have in your collection, and a great listen.  Also, I apologize for not posting this past week or so.  Blame computer trouble and my recent addiction to AMC’s “Breaking Bad”.


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